Hello, Again

Somewhere, some internet angel is collecting my “first blog posts”.
I don’t know whether they enjoy it or eye roll, but here comes the limited edition set-completer!

I have always been a writer.

Journals, diaries, pen pals.

Xanga, Facebook, Myspace, Blogger.

Pages and pages in Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

I always wanted to be honest and real. Sometimes I managed it. But more often than not I hid parts of myself or my true feelings.
I didn’t want to be rejected or, lately, get in trouble. And sometimes I simply didn’t know what the heck I needed to express!
But from all these years comes a fierce love for authentic expression, bolstered by encouragement that people find my blabbing enlightening, interesting, and readable.
I love reading. And it tickles me to death to think someone would enjoy reading ME.
2017 is my year! I’ve woken up to a lot of truths, had fire building inside, and made some crazy awesome new life choices recently.
I’m ready to throw myself into this, finding out more about this awesome Universe, journeying into greater self love, and sharing what all I have observed from the world so far along the way.
I am blunt with humor as much as possible, sarcastic and uplifting always, passionate and well-rounded. I love reading a good story as much as writing one. And I always love to hear the stories of others, since every person is the only one of them to ever live. This is as much an affirmation of intention as an artist statement. 🙂
I’ll be writing about experiences as a teenager, empath, mother, wife, equalitist, actress, artist, and spiritualist. I have a history that includes an Eating Disorder (ED), self harm, an abusive relationship, religion, conservativism to anarchy, natural health, sexuality and gender studies, supernatual experiences, mind-healing (altering) substances, intuitive growth and development, and more information about the female reproductive system than the Discovery channel. 
I hope my writing comes to include much self love.
This is it, folks!
Thank you for joining me. 🙂



Author: enlightenedblabbermouth

The point of life is growth, with beauty to keep the soul fed. I have been writing all my life (napkins covered in poetry at 6), and I've been encouraged now to give away my perspective. Earthling, human, American, possibly part panda, reader in more ways than one, mommy prime and badass wife. Librocubicularist. I paint occasionally. Life is wierd, man. But we're all in it together. Let's talk.

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