Why the Term ‘Psychic Medium’ Matters to Me

“Be who you were before they told you what to be.”

I have always been claircognizant/clairvoyant. Sometimes clairaudient.

I have experienced mediumship.

All while under the umbrella of traditional Christianity.

I didn’t go looking for it, far from it. I was terrified of sinning, lol.

It started when I was 17. The majority of that year, I delved into things that only now in 2016-17 I’m finally getting back to. 

It was my spiritual birthright, the natural progression I took while dedicated to Love and curious about Life, being carefully led to each experience by the Creator and what guides and angels were assigned me. Thought it was all “Him” at the time. 🙂

After I turned 18, I let other people take the reins of my spiritual development for a time. I wanted to learn from them, and I did. I grew a lot, and I’m grateful.

But in a few instances, the times my gifts tried to show up in my own way, they were met with the same reaction (albeit toned down) that those who walk with the clairs have be given for time out of mind.

One of the biggest things I was told is that words like telepathy didn’t honor God. And I was impressed with the opinion that those gifts I was talking about experiencing hadn’t been fully submitted and purified so I needed to be careful with them.

Do these words sound familiar?

I’m so sorry. It can take a lot to get them out of your ears and heart, to open up to the free flow you once trusted implicitly and blessed many in.

But my friend, I’m so very glad you at least found your way here. You are not and never have been alone.

Love is Love. Evil cannot own that. Ever. A gift is a gift.

Criteria: is it bringing you and or the person you are sharing with closer to the Light, to Love, growth, or peace? Does your gift move you to more compassion and understanding for your fellow humans?

That’s it.

If you’re curious about opening back up to those woo-woo experiences again, (and YAY!!) I’ll list some websites and their owners who have helped me a lot.

•Amanda Linette Meder, Medium

•Sarah Petruno Shamanism

•Intuitive Souls Blog

•Roxie Hunt’s Season of the Witch interviews on HowToHairGirl.com

I heard once that the original Christ-ians may have chosen (and may choose again) to indentify with that word BECAUSE it was meant as a slur. They wore it like a badge.

I feel the same way about Witch, Psychic, and Medium.

I used to believe people who identified that way were in the services of Evil. Thanks to Hollywood and cultural norms, that they were creepy, crazy, fake, harmful, intimidating, no-good, dirty, manipulative, scoundrels. And did I mention fake? 

And that, no matter what, if you wanted to call yourself that or operate that way, you had to renounce Jesus.

That’s totally bogus, by the way. Christian Witches are a thing, Anglican Druids, Spiritual Mediums, even Athiest Psychics! I could go on all day because only YOU can tell the world who you are and how you are going to walk in that gift.

The only thing that truly matters, I feel, is connecting with your heart and whatever guides or tools you use for your clients highest and best good.

For me, now, to take on these names is to walk in those shoes fully. Not letting myself off easy by calling myself simply an Intuitive Reader.

If you are in a position or conviction where you do not embrace these names, more power to ya! Authenticity is best. Do what you can Real-ly embody. 🙂

The more I learn about science, from Tesla and Einstein to quantum physics, the more I understand what witches, shamans, and mediums have been doing all this time!! It’s amazing!! MAGIC IS REAL!! The Secret, Law of Attraction, Numerology, tuning into the energy signature of a person or animal whose matter has passed on… it’s all REAL!!

And like anything, it is NOT inheirantly Evil. Pretty much nothing is, it’s all about the heart intention of the individual going into it that colors the result.

Oh, and then the perception of the individuals witnessing the result. Perspective is everything.

So, I choose to call myself a Witch and a Psychic Medium to open dialogue about all that Is, and as a service to those who came before me, misunderstood, to educate those who are willing to hear now about the science behind Magic.
Cheers to many paths and deeper understanding. 🙂



Womb Words: Same moon, different world

This is not the world of our ancestors. It is far removed from the world of our grandparents. And now, we must at least acknowledge that this is not even the world of our mothers anymore.

You know the issues. You have seen them, have them, heard about them.

CHILDREN having severe eczema when they have been exclusively breastfed and mom was on an organic allergen-free diet throughout pregnancy and postpartum. WHAT THE HECK.

Childhood obesity, childhood diabetes. PCOS, Endometriosis, thyroid and postpartum issues out the wazzoo…
If I didn’t know any better, I would say women and children are under attack.
I don’t negate or ignore what men are experiencing. The prostate, thyroid, adrenal, heart, kidney, muscular, developmental, and sexual malfunction in our world today are INSANE. Not to mention cancer.
Some people try, so very hard! Eat this not that, exercise and detox… And still get nailed. Others dont try at all and seem to be healthy as horses until they drop. But now, even the “I can do and eat anything” supergiants like my dad are showing chinks in their armor. 
The things coming at us today are like nothing the world has ever faced.
We don’t have the cushion of time to prepare for hard news when it can be texted to us. (Break-ups?)

And our adrenal glands have a difficult enough task sorting out if the stressful and violent things we see in the news and on tv or movies have happened to us in reality. Our adrenals can even be confused by dreams, the original virtual reality. When you see footage of bombings, riots, abuse, fighting, your body literally thinks you experienced it. Because you are taking it in through your eyes, on the screen of your mind…
Teenagers are exhibiting the amount of stress associated with mental patients in 1950.
Speaking of the 50’s, back then folks used to laugh an average of 18 minutes total per day. Now? It’s closer to 7 minutes.
Simple farm foods like fruits, vegetables, even water can be tainted or carrying disease, toxins, and worse into our bodies as we attempt to heal and nourish them.
The oh so informed “They” are wondering if this will be the first generation to preceed their parents in death.*

Light pollution in most places is interferring with the moon’s light. 

This affects us because that natural glow and its changing course (plus gravity field) used to be the guide by which the bodies of women regulated the menstrual cycle. It was a near given that on the full moon, give or take a day or two, every women who could bleed did. For just 3 days usually, together. 

But due to isolation, insulation, and hormonal interferance through drugs, chemicals, and food, there is now at least one woman menstruating every minute of every day! 

Imagine the difference our planet can sense in that…
This also means that natual family planning is much harder for the modern woman since that regular means of prediction is out the window. It used to be so intuitive, something solid to set your clock by. What must that have been like, right??!! 

Granted there have always been women experiencing difficulty with their cycles, whether unable to concieve or carry to term and have a healthy delivery.

And for that, there were the midwives. The wise women. The “yarb (herb) women”. The witches.
Massage, prayer, grounding, herb teas and baths and tinctures. Accupressure, sexual positions, healing foods and restorative movement, these were the tools of the midwives and witches who tended the health, birth, and death of the world for centuries.

Whatever you have heard before about these women, their societies, and their practices, I want to offer you more.

I have studied natural healing remedies in both a modern setting and what historical information can be found. I have pieced together this archetype of Witch, Midwife, Wise Woman from commentary, social studies, history, and finally by analyzing the psychology behind where we used to be and where we are today.
Something important to be known is that the term Witch didnt used to be a bad thing. Not until the odious spread of the Christian church under Constantine, threats of “assimilate or die” cheerfully handed down to the local culture being conquered. There are almost too many threads to pull when it comes to this loaded term and its turbulent history, but until I can cover them all or you uncover them on your own, just imagine feeling the same way about the word “doctor” as you do witch. Hard, huh? One conjours up images of a peaceful and compassionate person who knows what ails you and fixes it as quickly as they can. The other is a germy figure in a haze of superstition and misinformation, grasping at straws and demanding your respect and obedience regardless of the outcome or they will make your life miserable. That’s been my experience with a lot of doctors, anyway. 

Yep, first one is Witch for me.
Moving on! The Archetype of Witch or Wise Woman can be seen as the “average”. Not every one knew everything, some more and some less. Some we better equipped, others more knowledgable. So I refer then to the collective They.

When these women were the default village “healer”, they and the moon knew the paths of a woman’s body. They knew, handed down and from exploration or experience, how to make a pregnancy succeed by strengthing the womb and regulating the ovaries. They could soothe a sick baby, speed and ease delivery of one, help a woman avoid pregnancy if she wished or needed to, make comfortable the aged and terminal, and soothe the dying on their way.

They often knew more about sex than the average person, particularly solitary exploration for more pleasure than procreation. Consumed with survival and work, most people didnt have time to lift their head for study or learning, beyond their own craft and home needs. And parents taught children, so the ignorance perpetuated unless you went to the wise woman. 

Another thing the witches knew was how to control the womb that had gone ahead with its design and was knitting human tissue that wasn’t welcome. See my previous post on herbal abortion.

It wasn’t harsh. It wasn’t sudden. It wasn’t anyone else’s business.

(Quite often in those days women wouldnt tell their husband they were expecting until it was far enough along to be sure. The manual labor aspect of life in those days made it a chancy thing.)

So when an overworked mother of six missed her cycle and couldnt feed another mouth in 9 months, she went to the witch and came away with tea and massages until her flow began again.

When a young girl was abused by an uncle, a teen raped by her boyfriend or soldiers on the road…

When a couple came together, the husband fearful of how much blood there had been last time his wife gave birth and how tired she had been months afterward. Or the wife eager to help her husband in the fields so they could earn enough to move away to a farm of their own.

The lives of our ancestors were not so unlike ours in motivation.

And the midwife knew how to bring about what was desired.

It was between her and her client. And the moon.

Birthing, too, was utterly private. Even the father was not allowed. 
Womb business was never meant to be a public spectacle, nor up for public debate.
There are ways the new medicines and old practices can progress hand in hand. Part of the issue is “old wise women” out of touch with the hacked and messed up bodily systems the modern person deals with, and their natural remedies failing. This fuels the anti-herbal prejudice of the white coats, doctors who can see and understand the science at work. Yet are often no closer to a solution themselves, and do their best to prescribe something that deals with the worst symptom and brings in a host of others.
I believe many herbal remedies aren’t taking the way they used to. Or are taking longer, having less effect, etc. 

I believe this confuses the wise women who know what worked for their granny. And the results that natural remedies DO get confound the doctors and scientists!
In the past, this battleground got very bloody. Women in black with herbs across from men in white coats with chemicals and surgery.

Even today in some Appalachian Mountain communities, doctors are not welcome. And in most city hospitals, herbs and oils are heavily criticized and practically illegal.
It is time to end this feud.

We all need each other’s medicine, the world is sick and too many people are hurting.

As with religion, the way forward for medicine is Progressive.

A doctor who will refer you to an herbalist if that’s what you need to heal. Or do a surgery if that is truly in your best health.

And a shaman who will tell you to get your ass to the doctor when your physical body needs it.
Every person who stewards health, the gateway of existance that is the womb, or the threshold between Life and Death is a special soul with much laying on their shoulders. Many have come to this life loaded with innate knowledge of healing from ancestors or past lives spent in this field.

We all need each other, every tool we can possibly have, for the sake of the patient.
And women need the consent, trust, education, privacy, and empowerment that working with witches over their cycle used to give them.
Witchery has always been about women’s rights and bodily autonomy. It’s known by other names now, but maybe it shouldn’t be.

A tidbit to help you discover the people behind this amazing Archetype: Black as a color repells negative energy. Wise women have always known how to deal with the haters. 
I’m with the Witches. And Progressive Medicine. (Look it up, it’s a thing!)


*I never intend to bring up negative info without the balance of Hope. If this has distressed you, PLEASE look up Medical Medium by Anthony William! Website, books, Instagram, Facebook. I can attest from personal experience and recommending it to someone worse off than I, this protocol WORKS!! There truly is hope, we can all heal and enjoy life again! More on this later, I just couldn’t leave anyone sad or in fear.